Tattoo Practice with Pig Skin

by FireFly on September 2, 2012

Applying the stencil to the pig for tattoo practice – harder than it looks on pig skin

Using pig skin for tattoo practice

Pig skin is a great medium to practice tattooing. Unlike plastic practice skin it has many of the qualities of real skin {because it is}

The main differences between pig skin and real skin are…

  • Pig skin is tougher than human skin – however, some cuts {generally from the underside of the pig – belly etc} are softer. Back skin tends to be very tough. You will need to compensate for this in your technique {and remember the difference when you progress to real skin so you don’t rip up your client}
  • Pig skin is flat. However you can wrap it around an object to replicate human contour.
  • Pig skin doesn’t take colour in the same way as human skin. It’s harder to get smooth blends
  • It’s hard to do greywash on pig skin.
  • You wont mess up a pig’s skin forever if you make a godawful job of tattooing it. It’s done and in the bin with a lesson learned.

The Pig Skin Project

I aim to do 50 tattoos on pig skin to improve my technique, hand strength and get used to my machines. This blog is a record of the project. I will post the equipment used and discuss the success or failure of the tattoo and what I can do to improve. Hopefully it will help you improve too.



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